Welcome to 2024: Editor’s Note

After a month off, our team has sprung into action, revitalised and ready for whatever this year brings.

Personally, I caught up with some family, some friends, and made some new acquaintances with a couple of weeks staycation locally, and a wee visit to Golden Bay, Nelson, and Blenheim.

Wherever I ventured, I found people amazingly positive about the year ahead, for individuals, businesses, and New Zealand as a whole.

Metropol Editor, Lynda Papesch

Sunny days and holidays often bring out the best in people, leading them to look more optimistically at what makes them happy, and at life in general.

Their pragmatism often ripples out like a stone plopping into a pond to envelope others around them. Those ripples of enthusiasm can spread far and wide, across family life, business, and community.

Many will have made New Year’s resolutions, although usually most of those fall by the wayside before the first month has ended. My wish for 2024 is that those who are already positive thinkers help others to walk a similar path. A strong link exists between positivity and health, and studies have also found that a hopeful attitude improves outcomes and life satisfaction across a wide spectrum of health and wellbeing conditions.

I’m not advocating wearing rose-tinted glasses all the time, although that’s not necessarily a bad way to view the world. I’m suggesting being open to humour, enjoying weekends when you can, and surrounding yourself with positive people. Now is an excellent time to acknowledge the good things in your life, to be kind to yourself, and to do something good for others.

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