Wedding guests’ whereabouts: Lincoln Motel

The outfit is finally picked and so is the gift. The babysitter is booked for the dog and the children are going into the boarding kennels. Or is it the other way around?

There is a lot to think about when you are getting yourself organised to attend a wedding – it’s easy to get a bit frazzled.

The one element that is an absolute no brainer is where you are going to stay. Lincoln Motel is the obvious location, with everything needed to ensure you arrive at the wedding ready for the cameras, and to celebrate.

“We are just a short drive from wedding venues such as Pemberton Gardens, Melton Estate, Waipuna Estate, Trent’s Vineyard, The Vineyard at Rossendale, Langdale Vineyard, Cossars Wineshed, and Lincoln Events Centre,” says owner Craig Beswick. “Plus, there are a variety of cafés and amenities just a walk away in Lincoln village.”

The team has made sure each unit is the ideal base for a leisurely preparation session before heading to the event. “We love seeing everyone dressed up and excited and we’re always on hand with a safety pin or a needle and thread if something goes ping when it shouldn’t,” laughs Craig.

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