Variety, personality & quality: Matthews Eyewear

With colour bursting out all around us, spring is the perfect time to rethink your spectacle frames. Gone are the days when we select safe blacks and greys to blend with every outfit. Today’s glasses frames are an accessory in their own right, and with them front and centre on your face they need to be gorgeous.

When it comes to colour and shape, the rules are there are no rules and certainly no age limits apply. ‘In fashion’ is itself a dated concept in spectacle frames because everything is on the table.

You simply choose what you like and the sheer variety means that your frames are innately timeless and individual to you. Matthews Eyewear Eyecare Riccarton has a huge range of frames, full of personality and the best quality around. Ultra-sought-after Maui Jim sunglasses are joined by quirky Parisian brand Carolyn Abram, plus sleek American designs from Garret Leight, and German indie brand Kreuzbergkinder are just a few of the designer names in store.

Experts at fitting frames to faces, you’ll leave with sunglasses or spectacles that enhance your look and express your style.

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