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Tweed was popular in the farming industries across Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and England, and quickly adopted by the royal family.

The durability and warmth of the textile originally served a purpose for farmers in harsh weather, before becoming an infamous material on haute couture runways since Chanel’s debut tweed collection in 1924.

Chanel reintroduced the fabric in a feminine light, one that married sophistication and flirtation together, becoming a piece that perfectly aligned with her brand identity. She designed the fabric in dress and skirt styles, while the jacket was reinvented countless times in collections that reflected the times.

On the real thing, Coco would sew a metal chain to the hem to keep the suit-like structure. It was a move away from Christian Dior’s New Look, and tight-fitting, ultra-feminine clothing. The entire tweed ensemble, whether the jacket and suit combination or just the jacket, became a symbol of class, elegance, and female confidence.

Fittingly so, tweed exudes luxury. It would make sense that society’s elite introduced it to their wardrobes, gaining even more popularity on the backs of Jackie Kennedy and Princess Diana. Keira Knightley even wore a tweed jacket at her wedding. A textile that has never left the spotlight, the latest collections using tweed have been shown by the likes of Yves Saint Laurent and Issey Miyake.

Image details: Tweed night blazer Find Me: Scotch & Soda

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