Torque Talk: Doesn’t seem fair

Remember when the Government announced the Clean Car Discount scheme back in 2021?

For those unaware, the Clean Car Discount gives buyers of zero and low emission vehicles, costing less than $80,000, a rebate of up to $8625, while buyers of higher emission vehicles have had to pay a $5175 surcharge.

Now the scheme is about to undergo significant changes, ironic when the powers that be have said many times how well the scheme was working in its original form. Now, as of 1 July this year, rebates for new vehicles which produce between 0 and 100g CO2/km will drop by $1610 to $7015, down from $8265.

The cut off point for rebate eligibility will also change, from 146g CO2/km to 100g CO2/km, meaning that many hybrids which benefited from a rebate under the outgoing system fall into the new “zero band” range, meaning no rebate at all. Several brands’ hybrid models will have their rebates removed altogether.

Contrast that to buyers of new utilities, vans, and other higher emission vehicles of 260g CO2/km, who now have to fork out an extra $1725. Their penalty fee will rise to $6900, up from $5175.

More about the changes can be found on the NZTA website.

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