Torque Talk

A healthy set of rubber can mean the difference between staying out of that ditch and, well, not. With that in mind, here are a few ways you can keep your car’s tyres in tip top condition.

1. Check Tyre Tread Depth
Some of us tend not to be aware of our tyre tread depth until after it has passed, or failed its WOF. The legal minimum tread depth on a set tyre is 1.5mm but handling and grip can be affected by less than 2mm so be aware.

2. Matching Set
Having a set of matching tyres on your vehicle is highly recommended. A mixed set, even if they are from the same manufacturer can greatly affect your car’s handling.

3. Tyre Valve Caps
Tyre valve caps will keep out water and other road grime from getting in and damaging the tyre from the inside, so ensure you have these handy.

4. Check Tyre Pressure
An under or over inflated tyre will compromise performance, grip and handling no end. Every tyre will have a recommended PSI level which you should do your best to stick to. Be sure this is checked while cold as the reading increases when the tyres warm up at speed.

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