Think big

Trees are nature’s eye candy, and there’s nothing like mature trees to add impact in a garden.

Even if you’re building new and starting your landscaping from scratch, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t include a few mature specimens to make it look more established. They’re big, elegant, and beautiful and they bring those same attributes to the garden.

Not only do they look good, there are numerous environmental benefits to planting trees of any size.

Of course, the bigger the tree the bigger the benefits. Many tree nurseries have a selection of larger trees ready to plant, and some nurseries specialise in only large tree specimens.

Clean air
With a bigger tree, you can expect cleaner air. Trees use light energy from the sun to convert carbon dioxide and water into glucose and oxygen. They also clean carbon dioxide, ozone, carbon monoxide, and sulphur dioxide from the air.

Less noise
Larger trees filter out noise such as loud neighbours and constant traffic. The layers of branches and foliage work as a barrier that sifts the sound waves apart, making them less audible. They’re also good for climbing and playing in.

Privacy barrier
Trees will help turn your garden into a sheltered oasis, safe from outside prying eyes, in addition to providing shade in summer, blocking out harmful UV rays, and help to create good habitats for flora and fauna.

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