The value of print: Metros Marketing

In our highly digital world, and with so many spending more time at home, people are craving physical experiences with brands.

The beauty of a print magazine, for example, is its tangibility. There is something almost luxurious about settling in with a cup of tea and flicking through the glossy pages, taking time to fully enjoy the reading experience.

While online shopping is extremely convenient and useful in our busy world, it lacks this tactile experience with brands. People are multi-channel consumers and companies that create layered campaigns understand that this helps achieve unified messages, and an overall stronger voice and brand.

Getting into people’s homes, and more importantly into their hands, alongside a strong digital presence, works to support and even increase a company’s marketing effectiveness. It gives people tangibility, something to touch and physically share with friends and family.

Recent research shows that letterbox marketing is rising, and big brands are reverting back to this kind of channel to support their digital and online presence.

Layering campaigns across different channels is a winning combination for a brand’s marketing strategy, and print is, and always will be, an integral component.

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