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Sustainability is a growing topic of interest, with investors and the general public alike.

Sustainability isn’t just about climate change; it also means thinking about social factors, as well as governance. These factors impact and resonate with everyone differently which is why we cannot simply look at purchasing or investing decisions as ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

Considering sustainability when assessing whether to invest in a company, can not only align investments to your values and encourage companies to make positive change, it can also identify risks to the longevity and strength of a company’s business model.

Socially responsible investing is here to stay.

Socially responsible investing is anticipated to become increasingly important in the years ahead. Covid-19 has acted as a boost, with more investors now recognising the importance of thinking about the bigger picture, rather than only pursuing returns.

Gone are the days where the only focus for a company was on maximising shareholder value – a company must now be aware of the impacts of its activities on all stakeholders – shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers, or society at large.

To help investors, Craigs Investment Partners has developed sustainability scores, which provide valuable information for socially responsible investors. These weigh up key issues and highlight environmental, social and governance factors for investors to consider in an easy to understand way.

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