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As we age, so too, unfortunately, does our skin. For women, the complexion tends to lose its youthful radiance and can look dull and sallow.

Aging skin becomes more transparent and fragile, and takes on a sagging appearance, due to loss of elastin.

However, Wendy Barker of Beauty Progress says if women seek the right skin advice and the right products, much can be achieved in maintaining a healthy complexion.

“Often women will visit the doctor with skin issues, rather than getting quality advice from skincare specialists.”

Wendy says women can waste money cherry-picking products, many of which aren’t prescriptively formulated to work in synergy with the face or body, and can do more harm than good.

Starting early is also crucial. “Women need to change their thought patterns and start looking after their skin in their 30s; leaving it any longer really is too late. Start early to keep skin soft, radiant, firm and wrinkle-free.”

Wendy has had over 35 years in the beauty industry and trained in France under Dr. Albert Laporte, a pioneer in the field of cellular anti-ageing.

For quality skincare advice, visit Beauty Progress at Unit 1 – 171 Waltham Road, Christchurch.

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