Dentistry on Merivale

The Perfect Smile: Dentistry on Merivale

The continually evolving field of cosmetic dentistry has now entered the digital age, with Digital Smile Design (DSD). “This is a process of analysis and planning that allows you to participate in the design of your new smile, and see it before any treatment begins,” says Dr David Walsh of Dentistry on Merivale.


Dentistry on Merivale


Firstly, photos and a short video of the client talking and smiling are obtained, in order to see their current state when they’re smiling spontaneously. The DSD software then allows analysis of the smile, relative to facial features and movements as well as the colour, position and shape of teeth. “We can then virtually change the appearance of your teeth and design the perfect smile,” David says.

“The possibilities as well as the limitations of possible treatment are clearly established ahead of any treatment decisions or procedures. All the guesswork is gone and even minor imperfections, which are often missed with traditional diagnostic techniques, are factored in.”

Cloud technology and scanning are also part of the process, allowing seamless communication between all team members and specialists. Every nuance of your new smile is planned in detail, and a truly predictable process can begin. Meet the caring and expert team at Dentistry on Merivale – now you truly can have the smile you’ve always wanted!


Located on the first floor of Merivale Mall on 193A Papanui Road, phone 03 355 8297 or email for more information or to book in. Open Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm.


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