Michael Johnson

The Influencers: Michael Johnson

Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) can show how traditional procurement methods are outdated, and provide real benefits to clients, consultants and contractors.


Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson ABL Construction General Manager


The simplistic concepts of ECI make it hard to understand why this has not already become common practice in New Zealand. However, it does require a paradigm shift in thinking; one based on transparency, open communication and the desire for all parties to create win-win solutions for everyone.

It doesn’t seem like rocket science to choose your partners at the beginning of a process when you are developing a large and complex build. The client, the consultants and the contractor will all bring a set of unique and valuable skills to the table and if this can happen from concept stage, the risks associated with budget, time and build scope expectation can all be managed and shared amongst all parties involved. An attitude of ‘best for project’ is essential.

ABL Construction is currently involved in projects at design stage that have a ‘one team approach’. Working with the engineers, architects and cost planners in such a solution-focused manner gives me real confidence that these projects will achieve a level of excellence and success not achieved before.

Our client has stated “ECI reduces risk, increases shared responsibility and limits the risk of dispute”. Principal of Marchese Partners, Simon Johnson says, “the refreshing approach of ECI enables an efficient design process from project inception through to construction. Due to the collaborative partnership between client, consultant team and main contractor whereby the original design intent can be realised in budget. It is a refreshing path to success.”



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