The Influencers: Lianne Dalziel

Kindness and goodwill

Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel

It’s hard to write a welcome back to work message ahead of the summer break. At the time of writing, I didn’t know what I was going to be doing other than reading a pile of books I have amassed over the year.

It doesn’t matter whether I ended up leaving town for a few days or not, reading is always a happening thing over the holidays. I love the opportunity to relax that this time offers, and although my usual trip to the Coromandel is off my schedule this time, relaxing is what I intend to do.

This was my last Christmas as Mayor of Christchurch. Although the last two years have been particularly challenging for us all, it has been a true honour and privilege to hold this role as we have navigated our way through all the challenges we have had to face.

I can’t say that the alert levels and now traffic lights have been easy for anyone, not least of all the event organisers that had to make an early call on whether to proceed or not.

Let us hope for better times ahead in 2022. And may we avoid the worst aspects of this global pandemic that we can see play out in different parts of the world, while treating each other with kindness and goodwill.

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