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A sense of loss of control is a product of the prevailing times and can concern both our personal and professional lives, but we can take back that control and, while it might seem a tall order, the long-term gains of good wellbeing far outstrip feeling less than our best selves.

It’s a straightforward recipe that includes the five ways of wellbeing, better sleep, improved nutrition and reducing alcohol.

Let’s kick-off with the five ways of wellbeing which underpin our mental wellbeing – how we feel, function and our relationships.

Here’s how: Take notice – savour the moment and enjoy the simple things. It not only makes you feel better but it broadens awareness.

Connect – take time with people. Phone, don’t text, and better still, meet up, talk and listen.

Be active – we know regular physical activity promotes both mental and physical wellbeing, but did you know it helps slow age-related cognitive decline?

No time to lose. It could be dancing in the kitchen, joining a team or simply taking regular walks.

Give – do something for someone else. Help a neighbour, a friend, or volunteer.

The power of giving is linked to increased feelings of personal control.

Lastly; keep learning – try something new, from learning a new language to trying Sudoku for the first time; if it’s ballroom dancing you fancy, give it a go.

So don’t delay. Be active, take notice, connect, give and keep learning because these five steps can make a large impact for a better life.


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