The bloom of art: Sue Knowles Art

With the world on pause during Covid-19, Christchurch artist Sue Knowles was freed up from her day job in marketing to focus on her art.

The paintings that evolved during this time as she captured her floral specimens on canvas, have resulted in her forthcoming solo exhibition The Painterly Fragrant Garden, being hosted at the Punanawa Gallery in The Christchurch Arts Centre.
With a background in horticulture, nature has been ever present as a returning thread for Sue.
She grew up in remote Moa Flat in the South Island, against the backdrop of a practical farming life surrounded by her mother’s floral garden.

“Nothing’s more calming than exploring the garden in the morning to see the rose buds opening up, new bearded irises waving in the breeze, or a luminous paeony opening its many petals to resemble a ballerina’s tutu,” Sue explains.

With a busy family home and garden of her own now, Sue still finds time to channel the inspiration of her mother’s rose garden into her paintings, bringing to life the cabbage and Austin roses, and other fragrant favourites, and adding the luxury of paeonies. Now she has an everchanging colour floral palette and fragrant bouquet from spring to autumn on her studio doorstep.

Exhibition Details

For an invite to the opening night visit the website.
16-26 March, 2023
Punanawa Gallery, Christchurch Arts Centre

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