The benefits of customised homes: Designer Homes

It’s the same routine for most of us; get up, exercise, have breakfast, go to work, work, come home, make tea, go to bed, repeat. However, what about other commitments? Picking the kids up from school, weekly shopping, meeting clients and hosting functions? Let’s face it, when you arrive home at the end of a working day, you want your place of residence to soothe your fevered brow, not prolong your stress.





If you have poured your hard-earned cash into creating a home you have always aspired to reside in, you must expect it to reflect your tastes and be tailor-made to suit that busy lifestyle. In other words, you want to have the final say about all aspects of the build process. Many times, people who have been kept out of the loop by builders and contractors end up with a home which really isn’t them at all.

Happily, Designer Homes knows this, and is aware that you are the most integral part of their work. The team thinks of everything, including the amount of light and even whether to build on a slope to ensure your home’s location is warm and inviting. Basically, Designer Homes is a one-stop home customisation shop, putting your personal tastes as their first priority. In other words, every carpark, wardrobe, floor design and open-plan kitchen is built to your exact requirements.

Designer Homes works closely with you every step of the way, breaking down the build process and give you an accurate timeline from design to handing you the keys. This means you can focus wholeheartedly on making your future home reflect your tastes. The Designer Homes team of builders, designers and architects, with decades of combined experience, know their stuff inside and out. There is no project too big or too ambitious.




Designer Homes can cater to all tastes and cover all bases, rising to every challenge. If ending your day in a spa pool sounds like your idea of unequalled post work bliss, then Designer Homes can even help with that too. Before the job is done, the team allows you to inspect every aspect of their handiwork to make sure it meets with your approval.

Designer Homes is also fully embracing the future of home ownership, by providing you with the option of ‘Home Auto’, the latest in-home automation technology. Having your TV, security system and air conditioning system able to be operated from your phone, or your doors, lights and switches from your Wi-Fi, is a mountain of convenience.

Designer Homes was founded in 2016 by Rajesh Thakur, who has over a decade of experience in the design and construction industry. Thakur’s industry experience, coupled with his tightly knit team of building professionals, have gained Designer Homes a sterling reputation in providing so many with the residence of their dreams.




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