The beauty of wood: Megrame Oceania

From its warm, glowing good looks, to its sustainability benefits, wood is a preferential choice in windows and doors throughout the world.

Today, timber and timber/aluminium-clad windows and doors can be highly engineered, precision components, built to the most demanding thermal and security specifications, with low maintenance intervals and a long service life. In homes, offices, and shops, timber and timber/aluminum-clad windows and doors are attractive. They look and feel right, and have an innate attraction to building designers and occupiers.

Bringing the benefits, beauty, and cutting-edge design of wooden doors and windows to Kiwi homes is international company Megrame Oceania, which delivers a comprehensive range of glazing solutions, including timber options, for the construction industry.

“Timber enjoys a flexibility in window and door design that other material finds hard to match,” says Megrame Oceania distributor Fabian Schneider.

“Wood can be easily shaped, moulded, or bent to suit a particular project, or assembled into much larger units, either with glue or mechanical fixings.

“Megrame Oceania offers doubled and triple-glazed units, and Argon-filled and low E glazing is standard,” he adds.

Timber and timber/aluminium-clad windows and doors have many distinct advantages. These include:

  • Available in a wide range of designs, colours, and finishes, more thermally efficient, with no thermal bridging
  • Economic, with a long service life, and easily repaired.
  • Made from sustainable and renewable materials
  • Store atmospheric carbon
  • Sourced from certified sustainable forests.

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