Little River Gallery

The anatomy of melancholy: Little River Gallery

Simon Van Der Sluijs’ hauntingly deliciously dark paintings and convincing sculptures will intrigue and provoke. Simon’s trilogy of exhibitions, so named because it represents his work and the person he is, deals with the desire to belong, to be allowed to be but also getting damaged in the process.

 Little River Gallery

Part 1: Identity comprises two separate sections within the exhibition. Little Sorrows features small paintings of pet mice, hamsters and goldfish and faux taxidermy objects which illustrate when we try to recreate or make an effort to preserve the friend we’ve lost. Intimacies (explicit) features miniature paintings about sexuality, placed in lockets to be enjoyed in private, as growing up in a traditional Catholic environment, sexuality was not a topic of discussion.
Little River Gallery showcases his trilogy: Identity August 4 – 29, Part 2: Dissectum April 2019 and Part 3: Lost & Found November 2019. For more information, visit

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