A sound investment

Having separate headphones for different occasions can be expensive. Metropol’s gadget guru Ian Knott finds that one new headset may have solved the problem. When it comes to investing in a good pair of over-ear headphones, it pays to think about where and when you plan to use them the most. For online work meetings? […]

Pane relief

After more than 10 years, a clever piece of technology inspired Metropol’s gadget guru Ian Knott to finally clean his windows. For those tired of struggling with hard-to-reach windows, or those like me who are simply too lazy to clean them, the Ecovacs Winbot W1 Pro is nothing less than a game-changer. The robot window […]

Sweet nostalgia in a clamshell

Sometimes revisiting where you’ve been is a refreshing way to move forward. Technology is no different, and Metropol’s gadget guru Ian Knott goes back to the future with one such gadget. THE GOOD: • Affordable • Satisfying clamshell flip design • Large buttons • FM radio, headphones included• Bluetooth and MP3s • Long battery life […]

Astro A30 headphone review

Metropol’s tech guru Ian Knott takes a look at Logitech’s first gaming/lifestyle headphone release under its new Astro marque. The Astro A30 wireless headset is a versatile and high-quality audio device released under the Logitech brand. It is designed to work with a wide range of devices and platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, […]

Prepared in all things

Italian Hi Fi manufacturers Sonus faber are well renowned for being the artisans of soundin the audio equipment world. Metropol’s gadget guy Ian Knott takes their latest wireless speaker, the super-stylish Omnia, for a test drive. A speaker is going to be seen at all times, something the designers at Sonus faber know only too […]

Craft your own gifts

Many of you will be familiar with Cricut crafting machines. The range of available accessories allows you to personalise gifts for friends and family. Metropol’s gadget guy Ian Knott checks out three of them. Back in February this year I reviewed the Cricut Maker 3, the precise card, paper and vinyl cutting machine that can […]