Feature-packed powerhouse with a catch

Got an avid gamer in the family? Metropol’s gadget guru Ian Knott puts Logitech’s Astro A50 X Gaming Headset through its paces. The Astro A50 X is the latest iteration in the Logitech G line of high-end gaming headsets. It boasts a feature list unlike any other, including HDMI switching between PC, PS5 and Xbox […]

Core blimey

Let’s face it, we’ve all had a sore back at some stage, and finding the time for a professional massage can be a pain in itself. Metropol’s Gadget Guru Ian Knott puts one home solution to the test. So you had a productive weekend in the garden, stacked the firewood, or dashed around the tennis […]

I’m in the mood for lighting

Customisable lighting helps set the mood, and enhance the experience of almost any occasion. Metropol’s Gadget Guru Ian Knott explores some very clever options. Whether it’s a romantic night in, an action movie night, sporting occasion, video game session, or just some ambient room lighting; being able to change colours and brightness is very handy. […]

The quietest keyboard around

Worried that his workmates were getting sick of his awesome, but very noisy clicky gaming keyboard, Metropol gadget guru Ian Knott tries out the new, and virtually silent, Logitech MX Keys S keyboard and mouse combo. It should be said, that I genuinely love the Logitech G413 SE Mechanical Gaming keyboard, and have used it […]

Unravelling Threads

With so many social media platforms to choose from, it can be hard to tell which (if any), you should be investing any time into either personally or professionally. Metropol’s tech guru Ian Knott takes a look at ‘Threads’ – Meta’s answer to Twitter. As the band Weezer once sang, “If you want to destroy […]

A sound investment

Having separate headphones for different occasions can be expensive. Metropol’s gadget guru Ian Knott finds that one new headset may have solved the problem. When it comes to investing in a good pair of over-ear headphones, it pays to think about where and when you plan to use them the most. For online work meetings? […]