Get glowing: Transforming Clinic

A celebrity favourite, Fotona Laser treatments help freshen and tighten skin by stimulating collagen and elastin. A sought-out option at Christchurch’s Transform Clinic, the facials can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improve tone and texture.     Clinic owner Jenny Little says Fotona Laser treatments can be used on a “multitude” […]

A passion for natural beauty: Transform Clinic Merivale

The skincare and cosmetic medicine industries have grown exponentially in recent times as technologies advance, more people want to take care of their appearance, and as stigma surrounding such procedures lifts. Metropol catches up with Transform Clinic Merivale nurse Katie Mcindoe.     WHAT IS AN APPEARANCE MEDICINE/COSMETIC NURSE AND HOW LONG HAVE YOU WORKED […]

The anti-aging treatment everyone’s buzzing about: Transform Clinic

Profhilo is receiving increasing hype around the world for its anti-aging affects. Transform Clinic owner Jenny Little tells Metropol why the Christchurch clinic has been offering the non-surgical treatment for more than a year.   WHAT IS PROFHILO? “It’s an injectable with a high concentration of a special hybrid hyaluronic acid, but it’s different to […]

Freedom from varicose veins: Transform Clinic

Varicose veins are common, affecting about 30 percent of people, and while they can appear at any age from young adulthood, they are linked to genetic inheritance and become more common with age. Treatments have been available since 1550 BC, but as Roman tyrant Caius Marius noted, the cure wasn’t worth the pain.     […]

Transform Clinic

The power to change: Transform Clinic

Some things in life are below-surface niggles. All manner of body and appearance issues can quietly eat away at our wellbeing and confidence. In the recent past, problems like persistent pimples, wrinkles, skin tags, unwanted neck fat or unsightly veins have been viewed as unchangeable destinies. That’s where lives can take a turn for the […]