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Get glowing: Transforming Clinic

A celebrity favourite, Fotona Laser treatments help freshen and tighten skin by stimulating collagen and elastin. A sought-out option at Christchurch’s Transform Clinic, the facials can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improve tone and texture.



Clinic owner Jenny Little says Fotona Laser treatments can be used on a “multitude” of skin and body areas, but in February there is a two-for-one Glow and Go facial special.

Laser beauty treatments are popular for being non-invasive, painless and for having no visible redness straight away.

And Fotona has been at the forefront of laser technology since 1964 – just four years after the very first laser was invented.

Jenny says the Glow and Go facial works by the laser focusing energy under the surface of the skin all over the face and neck.

“This doesn’t burn the skin – the body’s reaction to the energy is to produce more collagen and elastin and this gives you fresher tighter skin,” she says.

“The treatment is a pleasant one, the sensation is like prickly heat, the same feeling as the sun on your skin. You can go back to work straight away – your skin glows, hence the name Glow and Go.”

Transform Clinic offers a wide range of appearance medicine and laser treatments, from cosmetic injectables to laser skin and hair removal treatments, medical procedures including varicose vein treatments and skin cancer checks, and beauty treatments.

Enquire about the Glow and Go treatment at the Transform Clinic on (03) 343 2880 or via: Terms and conditions apply.


A passion for natural beauty: Transform Clinic Merivale

The skincare and cosmetic medicine industries have grown exponentially in recent times as technologies advance, more people want to take care of their appearance, and as stigma surrounding such procedures lifts. Metropol catches up with Transform Clinic Merivale nurse Katie Mcindoe.



“An Appearance Medicine Nurse is a Registered Nurse with specialised training in non-surgical cosmetic procedures. I completed my Diploma in Beauty Therapy and Applied Aesthetics in 2008 and and went on to complete my Bachelor of Nursing Degree in 2013. I worked at Christchurch hospital for a year to get medical and surgical experience and went on to persue my passion in the appearance medicine industry.”

“I have been at Transform Clinic since 2015 and was lucky enough to be fully trained by Dr Ian Little, the first doctor in New Zealand to administer botulinum for cosmetic reasons. The treatments I offer at Transform Merivale are Botulinum Toxin Type A (Botox®, Dysport®,and Xeomin®), Dermal Fillers, Profhilo, Belkyra fat reduction, Liquid face lift, Platelet rich plasma, PDO threads, Sonophoresis, Dermal needling and chemical peels.”

“Appearance medicine should enhance natural facial features, decreasing signs of ageing, without compromising the natural aesthetics of ones face. I pride myself on attention to detail, client satisfaction, safety and care, and the highest quality products and treatments.


Katie and her family


Instagram: Katiemcindoe.rn | Facebook: Katie Mcindoe RN


The anti-aging treatment everyone’s buzzing about: Transform Clinic

Profhilo is receiving increasing hype around the world for its anti-aging affects. Transform Clinic owner Jenny Little tells Metropol why the Christchurch clinic has been offering the non-surgical treatment for more than a year.


“It’s an injectable with a high concentration of a special hybrid hyaluronic acid, but it’s different to derma fillers because it is very stable, and it spreads throughout the face stimulating the cells to produce collagen and elastin. This gives the skin a tightness and elasticity in a way I haven’t seen with other injectables.”

“A few reasons. Mainly the effects! It makes the skin look smoother, firmer, supple, hydrated, clearer and more radiant. It’s amazing for making the skin look glowy and gorgeous.
“It is also BDDE-free [used in safe quantities to stabilise a number of derma fillers] so it appeals to people who don’t want synthetic chemicals in their products.”

“It can be done on the face, but it is also used on the neck and décolletage, hands and arms. A lot of our customers use it on their face and neck.
“You have one treatment, and then a month later have another treatment. People rarely need a third treatment. Then it can be repeated every six to 12-months to maintain the effect.”

“It’s primarily for people with aging skin, but younger people who are starting to see signs of aging can use it too for prevention.”

Enquire about Profhilo at the Transform Clinic on (03) 343 2880 or via


Freedom from varicose veins: Transform Clinic

Varicose veins are common, affecting about 30 percent of people, and while they can appear at any age from young adulthood, they are linked to genetic inheritance and become more common with age. Treatments have been available since 1550 BC, but as Roman tyrant Caius Marius noted, the cure wasn’t worth the pain.



Fortunately for present-day sufferers, Transform Clinic offers walk-in walk-out treatments, whether your concerns are cosmetic or health-related. Manager Jenny Little says, “Varicose veins can be unsightly and or very uncomfortable, give you restless legs, and can lead to the skin around them breaking down, creating varicose ulcers”. Jenny says clients arrive unhappy with the look, or the discomfort they are feeling, or both. While women are more affected than men, there are plenty of men arriving for treatment. “Often we see farmers at a quiet point in their calendar.”

Most treatments are done for medical rather than cosmetic reasons, you won’t need time off work and the cost of treatment is covered by most health insurers. Your first consultation is free and Dr Ian Little, Fellow of the Australasian College of Phlebology, uses ultrasound scanning to establish whether the veins are varicose. Options for treatment are ultrasound guided sclerotherapy, endovenous laser, and VenaSeal™ – an innovative treatment that uses a glue formulation. Within 12 months, follow-ups are free. “While our treatments are effective, only so many veins can be treated at once,” Jenny says.

Transform Clinic is open six days per week with branches around the South Island, so phone 03 343 2880 to find your nearest clinic.


Transform Clinic

The power to change: Transform Clinic

Some things in life are below-surface niggles. All manner of body and appearance issues can quietly eat away at our wellbeing and confidence.

Transform Clinic
In the recent past, problems like persistent pimples, wrinkles, skin tags, unwanted neck fat or unsightly veins have been viewed as unchangeable destinies. That’s where lives can take a turn for the worse.
Jenny Little, Managing Director and registered nurse at Transform Clinic, Mandeville Street wants people to know that they don’t have to put up with the bodily status quo. “We do a lot of appearance medicine work such as botox and dysport injections, but also non-invasive laser face-lifting, and administering PRP (Platelet-Rich-Plasma).”
The clinic has a great track record treating medical issues that may not be visible, but which negatively impact lives. Jenny says Transform’s clinicians have successfully laser-treated problems as wide-ranging as stress incontinence, vaginal atrophy, and snoring.
A well-respected medical destination for two decades, Transform’s clinical work has made many people contented, Jenny says. “People come in with conditions or features which can make them very unhappy and leave our building smiling. Some of our clients who visited us in the 1990s continue to return to see us to this day,” she adds.

Transform Clinic
Underpinning all of the medical and cosmetic procedures here is a strong, highly experienced professional team with a doctor, five registered nurses and two beauty therapists. Working in concert, they offer completely confidential expert advice and can treat “just about anything,” Jenny says.
For instance, fungal skin infections in toenails are successfully dealt-to by laser technology. Or if skin spots could be moles requiring a health check prior to another procedure, Transform Clinic is a sensible choice. “We do mole checking. We also remove moles, skin tags and other dermal lesions,” Jenny says.
She’d love to get a message out to younger people to start their skincare regime early and to learn at a young age which sunblocks to use, and how to use them correctly. “Sunscreen creams are not all created equal. Also, application needs to be managed properly, so we educate people on this, as it’s the best preventer of sun-damage and disease within our influence.”
Jenny says the clinic nurses and therapists continue to offer free initial half-hour consultations, which is actually a great place to start for all types of health and appearance treatment advice.
Transform clinic sees people of all ages and all skin conditions. The psychological side of such conditions is every bit as important, Jenny believes, and she loves seeing clients recover their good spirits in tandem with their physical transformations.