Flow Homes

Outside the box: How Flow Homes turned living in a small house into a big deal

Annelies Zwaan met David Bar when she was living in a tiny house of her own making. Not a crammed flat like most students, but a beautiful little log cabin she had created as a response to rising housing costs. When she enrolled in full time study, the pair moved in together and Annelies sold […]


A luxuriously small footprint: PurePods are doing some ridiculously awesome things with building space

“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us,” Churchill once said, and Canterbury’s pioneering company, PurePods, is leading from the front to ensure we are in the best possible shape. Humans’ stress response reduces just moments after entering a green space, and the term ‘biophilia’ is defined as the inherent human inclination to affiliate with […]

Cube Cabins

Clever cube living: you’ve got to check out the Cube Cabins new Colombo St showhome (they can make you a home from only $42,000, seriously!)

Cube Cabins is excited to announce the opening of its new showhome at 488 Colombo Street Sydenham – introducing a whole new way of living with completed, fully compliant tiny homes from only $42,000. Smaller living spaces are rapidly gaining popularity and with good reason. Despite their simple, clean lines, Cubes tiny homes are some […]