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Chinese dining hotspot: Taichi Restaurant

Using the same techniques and recipes perfected by their Cantonese ancestors, Christchurch restaurant, Taichi, has developed a popular and loyal following.



The chefs at the Chinese dining hotspot, conveniently located at Spitfire Square, prepare only the freshest herbs and vegetables, many of which are grown locally at the family farm. Specialising in Cantonese cuisine, which is well known for its regional diversity, on the menu you’ll find a delicious assortment of family favourites and exciting new dishes to try, like the Cantonese ‘Old Fire Soup’ selection, the Taichi Seafood Hotpot, and Hofun Noodles. Then, there’s the extensive traditional Dim Sum menu, offering steamed, fried and baked options, as well as Rice Noodle Rolls and Congee.

There’s really something for everyone around the table, which ties neatly into Taichi Restaurant’s philosophy; that food is the perfect bonding tool to bring together people from all cultural backgrounds and beliefs. The restaurant was named by Professor Adam Lam, the Director of Confucius Institute at the University of Canterbury. Tai Chi is one of the most complicated concepts in Chinese, but is widely accepted as the cultural icon representing Chinese beliefs and philosophy.

Taichi Restaurant is open from Tuesday to Sunday for lunch from 11am to 2:30pm and dinner from 5pm until late. For more information, or to book a night out of delicious cuisine, phone 03 423 9195, email or check out the menu on their website


Taichi Restaurant

Handcrafted dim sum arts: Taichi Restaurant

When it comes to the quintessential Cantonese dining experience, the most popular expression comes to mind is ‘yum cha’, the Cantonese words for ‘drinking tea’ that refers to Cantonese tea lunch.


Taichi Restaurant


Taichi Restaurant, in Shop 8, Spitfire Square by the airport, is the real deal when it comes to authentic yum cha. Taichi is a family affair, with generations of experience in hospitality and making great food. The soul of Cantonese yum cha is its dim sum arts, and Taichi Restaurant is committed to carrying on the tradition, offering the authentic Cantonese taste. The chef Wen is a dim sum master, determined to make dim sum with the most traditional handcrafted methods.

With a comprehensive background in dim sum creation, including experience as the Dim Sum Head Chef at InterContinental Hotel in Hainan, Wen has deep understanding of the dim sum tradition, as well as the expectations of the customers. He believes people come to yum cha not simply to satisfy their taste, but more importantly, to experience the Cantonese cuisine culture.

Dishes like Taichi’s famous Dim Sum are a big hit with regulars. The four kings of dim sum, prawn dumplings, sui mai, BBQ buns, egg tarts are exactly the classic examples of handcrafted dim sum dishes loved by its customers. With enough room to seat 150 people, Taichi can easily accommodate your nearest and dearest for your next private or corporate function. Open six days a week, it is well worth a look.