Made in lockdown

Music is a safe space for Christchurch-based singer-songwriter, Analise Twemlow, who doesn’t experience the involuntary tics caused by Tourette’s syndrome when she sings and performs. Metropol catches up with the talented teen about the release of her first single, which is raising money to support others with Tourette’s and came about under the mentorship of […]

Rockstar of Construction

A rockstar Health and Safety Manager in Christchurch is concrete proof that success can take off in all sorts of directions.     Steffany Beck was convinced as a six-year-old she would be asked to join the Spice Girls. “I used to slide along the kitchen floor in my socks with my hairbrush microphone and […]

Working Class Man

In music, 3.5 minutes is a long time; it’s long enough to find love, lose love, perhaps even find a new love. Nothing nearly as exciting happens in the 3.5 minutes I nervously wait for my call to connect to Jimmy Barnes.     When we do connect, he’s basking in the Australian sun and […]