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The alternative BBQ

Wondered about cutting back your meat intake, but realised we’re heading into barbecue season? Meat-free barbecues just became easier than ever before.



Australasia’s largest vegetarian food manufacturer, Life Health Foods, has brought The Alternative Meat Co. to New Zealand. Its new range of 100 percent plant-based meat alternatives offers Kiwis a unique and delicious meat-free, healthy and more sustainable option as they increasingly opt to cut-down their meat intake.

From sausage sizzles to drool-worthy burgers, meat-lovers and veggies alike can get their ‘meat’ fix – and all of the benefits of plant-powered protein – with the range, which includes The Alternative Burger and The Alternative Sausage.

Try stacking an Alternative Burger patty in-between a seeded burger bun, along with a slice of cheese (vegan optional), a dollop of mustard and some kumara fries for a home-cooked post-workout supper. Or, grill a batch of sausages at your next barbecue and serve to guests alongside a slathering of chilli sauce and some slaw for a Kimchi-inspired hotdog.

“Whether you’re flexi, vegan, vegetarian or a meat-lover, Alternative Meat Co. products are an ideal option if you’re looking to decrease your meat for health, environmental or any other reason,” Life Health Foods International Marketing Manager Mark Roper says.

The Alternative Meat Co. products are available to purchase nationwide now in the refrigerated meat section of New World, PAK’nSAVE and Countdown supermarkets.

We have an Alternative Meat Co. t-shirt and $50 voucher to give away to two very lucky readers. Just head to the Metropol Facebook page and follow the instructions.




Powerful Plants

Edgy fast-food outlet Hell Pizza pulled a cheeky stunt recently, announcing that its new ‘Burger Pizza’ contained a pea-protein meat substitute by the culinary innovators at Beyond Meat. Opening minds and causing quite the debate in the process, this social experiment reiterated that nationally, plant-based foods are growing in popularity. We check out some of our favourite easy alternatives to meat.




Pulled jackfruit: Best known for its likeness to pulled pork in both texture and taste, marinated pulled jackfruit is the perfect vegan filling for wraps, tacos, nachos, burgers… the list is endless!

Nut roast: Great served hot or cold, this nutty loaf can use almost any type of nuts and is packed full of protein, fibre and healthy fat. Check out a top-notch recipe over at

Bean burgers: Looking for meat-free patties for the barbie? Quick, easy, inexpensive and adaptable, bean burgers are delicious, not to mention full of healthy nutrients. With a myriad of vegan/vegetarian recipes online, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Quorn: This protein-packed beauty has been one of the most popular meat substitutes since the dawn of meat alternatives – and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Derived from an edible fungus known as mycoprotein, quorn is perfect for virtually any recipe that uses chicken, from curries and stir-fries to ‘chicken’ nuggets and kebabs.

Tempeh: Tempeh is the new tofu – reasonably priced (Asian supermarkets are your best bet), very high in protein (31 grams per cup!) and incredibly versatile. Make your own smoky, crispy tempeh bacon using a simple marinade – vegan BLTs, we’re looking at you!