Paying lip service

  Harsh winter conditions aren’t always kind to lips, but there are a few tried and true remedies for keeping yours looking luscious.     Hydration is number one. People tend to hydrate less in winter, but it is essential to still drink plenty during the colder months. Dehydration will leave your lips dry and […]

Lip service

We’re not just paying lip service – we’ve got the lowdown on the hottest lipstick trends for 2020.     Punk pout As seen on the Max Mara SS20 runway, dark, bold lippies are making their mark amongst the other lipstick trends of 2020. Swipe on a moody oxblood red or dark violet colour and […]

Face Value

Lip Service: Face Value

Ever since Romeo offered his as “two blushing Pilgrims” to Juliet, we have paid attention to the attractiveness of lips.     The cosmetic approach to lips is subject to fashion trends and swings between the very full ‘Angelina Jolie’ pout and those seeking more natural looking volume. “We find nowadays most women don’t necessarily […]