Shrimp Poke Bowl: United Fisheries

  Prep 10 | Serves 2 INGREDIENTS 300g Sea Cuisine Cooked & Peeled Shrimp 250g cooked white or brown rice, or quinoa, barley, bulgur wheat or sorghum 1 Lemon 2 tbsp avocado oil 3 tbsp Sriracha soy mayonnaise 300g fresh vegetables e.g. edamame beans, carrot, avocado, green beans, radish, corn, cucumber, blanched broccoli, seaweed. The […]

Smoothie Moves

Smoothies – a breakfast lifesaver that packs a nutritional punch like no other. When made with the right ingredients, they can offer almost all of your required daily vitamins and minerals. What better way to start your day? Here are some of our favourite things to add to smoothies.     FLAXSEEDS & CHIA SEEDS […]