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Never too old to play with toys: Christchurch Toy Hobby Fair

For Carville Stewart, toys are not just a hobby, but a way of life. “I am a certified toy collector,” he laughs. It’s this enthusiasm which led him to create the annual Christchurch Toy and Hobby Fair four years ago.



Supported by trades, collectors, hobbyists and modellers, items for sale include diecast model cars, trucks, tractors, buses, fire engines and aeroplanes, trains, film and TV related toys, teddy bears, dolls, books and much, much more.

“I created the toy and hobby fair as there was nothing like it in Christchurch after the 2011 earthquakes,” says Carville, who has also written a book on the definitive history of New Zealand made model cars.


“It’s a great opportunity for like-minded collectors to buy and sell to the public and to each other.”

The fair gives the public a great chance to see toys and models on display that will be of interest to all transport enthusiasts.


Sunday May 2
10am to 2pm at the Caledonian Society Hall, 5 Michelle Road, Wigram.

$5 per admission, with proceeds raised going to the Christchurch City Mission.



New directions: Art Metro

Painting may have been one of the hobbies New Zealanders took up over the course of the lockdown. YouTube tutorials may have sufficed then, but now it’s time to increase those skills further.



Enter Art Metro, a creative hub that has produced hundreds of happy students.

Metropol caught up with owner Simon Walmisley about the art school and the exciting opportunities arising for him.

“I believe that what we do here at Art Metro is far more than running a business,” Simon says.

“It’s a community service for people from all over the city, a social experience in a studio space where more than 300 students can enjoy each other’s company.”

Taking that community service as a springboard, Simon has decided to branch out into politics this year, standing under the New Conservative Party banner for the Ilam electorate.

“New Conservative’s strong focus on families and communities really appeals to me and I am excited to represent them as a candidate. I am sure campaigning will be just as challenging and rewarding as I have found being a business owner is,” Simon says.

“As I have with Art Metro, I will make the most of the opportunities that arise.”