New footwork: Footprints Podiatry

There’s a fresh new face at Footprints Podiatry. It belongs to Ryan Primrose, the latest New Zealand- trained podiatrist to join the clinic. “He comes from Auckland,” says Senior Podiatrist Howard Nicholas, “but we won’t hold that against him!”     Ryan says it was his involvement with sport that introduced him to podiatry. “I […]

Natural Nails Nailed

Our feet are often taken for granted and are commonly one of the most neglected body parts. Out of sight, out of mind seems to be a common theme and many people will hide their feet inside shoes rather than expose them to the world.     Footprints Podiatry has the tools to help; with […]

Treating nails with tech: Footprints Podiatry

“We’re totally amazed at the level of improvement we’re getting for fungal nail infection from our Lunula Laser. We had certainly read about its efficacy from overseas scientific studies, but to see the results with our own eyes is something quite different.”     Howard Nicholas, Senior Podiatrist at Footprints Podiatry says he is “over […]

Footprints Podiatry

Regain your barefoot freedom: Footprints Podiatry

Footprints Podiatry has just introduced the Lunula Laser, a new technology that helps to eliminate fungal infections.     Lunula Laser is the newest standard in treating recalcitrant fungal nail infections and has been used extensively worldwide with impressive results. Totally pain-free, it uses two cold laser beams, which means no heat or pain and […]