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summer simplicity: ECCO Shoes

A simple, minimalist shoe is not only chic and on trend, but when lightweight and soft also makes the perfect summer travel companion for those day and overnight adventures.


Here come the (wo)men in black, Lace-up Sneaker in Black.


The Ecco Shoes Simpil II women’s collection features sleek silhouettes in a range of styles, soft leathers and a choice of playful colours or neutral tones to match your mood.

Why have one pop of colour, when you can have two? Lace-up Sneaker in Shadow White.

Fun, feminine and easy to pair with your summer wardrobe, the range features thoughtfully designed shoes that work with you.

Forget the little black dress, try the little black Simpil II sneaker.

The remarkably lightweight and soft design makes for easy packing when exploring our beautiful country this sunny season.

A shoe that can carry its weight, Mule in Black.

And the signature anatomical fit follows the natural shape of your foot for comfort, support and stability when strolling your favourite holiday hotspots.

Get your dancing shoes on, Ballerina in Volluto.


the step masters: Ecco Shoes

Helping you look hot to trot for Cup Week 2020 – giddy up.

Shape Sculpted Motion 55 – Bright White

The Ecco Shoes Shape and Vitrus collections are the latest in leather, tailored for style and engineered for comfort.

Vitrus Mondial – Double Monk Strap Shoe

With the highly anticipated event less than a month away, take this as a sign to start planning your raceday (outfit) roundup.

Shape 35 Mod Block – Grey Rose

Featured is a selection of unique silhouettes that offer versatility, comfort and style.

Shape Sculpted Motion 55 – Black

Designed to be worn day to night, for both relaxed and elegant execution.

Shape 35 Squared – Grey Rose

So, from morning Mimosas to midnight Moscow mules your feet will thank you for keeping them in mind.

Vitrus Mondial – Double Monk Strap Shoe

All for Athleisure: ECCO Shoes

The latest in fashion is that it’s cool to be comfy… and we’re all for it. Enter the rise in athleisure: casual and comfortable clothing and footwear suitable for both exercise and every day. From the office, to the bar and the park you want a shoe that can do it all.



ECCO Shoes ST.1 athleisure sneaker series is the perfect fit, for both men and women.

They are cool, colourful and comfortable with the innovative Shock Thru™ point for shock absorption with every step.

But you do not need us to tell you all reasons why you should buy this functional footwear… sometimes a picture says a thousand words.









Stepping up their game

Since ECCO Shoes’ story began in Denmark in 1963, the company has evolved to become a revolutionary shoe manufacturer like no other.

Enter the SHOCK-THRU collection – a range of sleek, athleisure-inspired sneakers that incorporate brand new ground-breaking technology.

At the core of ECCO’s ethos lies a determination to provide shoes with optimum comfort, style and quality – three important factors that ECCO doesn’t compromise on.

Their design team have been exploring and developing ‘shockpoint’ variations that break through all the layers of the outsole and embed a soft cushion core directly between your heel and the ground.

This has come to fruition with the recent launch of SHOCK-THRU™, or ST.1. The integration of the cushion core adds 17 percent more shock absorption and rebound and combined with their existing innovative ECCO FLUIDFORM ‘Direct Comfort Technology’ – which you will find across the ECCO collection – makes for the ultimate hybrid shoe that’s sure to suit any occasion, purpose, environment or style.

For those of you who remember the American buck shoe from the 1950s, the all-new ECCO ST.1 HYBRID can be classed as its sleek, contemporary cousin which is both relaxed and formal.

The shoes effortlessly blend traditional style with revolutionary comfort technology – say hello to the ultimate versatility that will take the modern man from the boardroom to the ball game.

Available in a number of classy styles both brown and black; the shoe for you has arrived just in time for Christmas.

Check out the collection online at


The ‘sole’ of summer: ECCO Shoes

Whether strolling along the beach, exploring foreign cities, punting at the races or going out for late, alfresco dinners – everyone craves sleek, minimalist style at their feet and soft, comfortable soles in the heat of summer.



In addition to delivering lightweight, modern comfort, a new collection of ECCO FLUIDFORM™ sandals with a contemporary, versatile aesthetic, offers a range of styling options. Only ECCO has the progressive technologies and premium leather expertise to elevate the simple style and comfort of a multipurpose summer sandal to fresh heights, with the women’s ECCO FLOWT, the men’s and women’s ECCO FLOWT LX, and the men’s and women’s ECCO CORKSPHERE SANDAL.

Developed in Denmark over three decades, ECCO FLUIDFORM™ Direct Comfort Technology delivers an ideal balance of cushioning and rebound. The technology also creates an integral, durable bond between the sole and the upper, without any of the complications associated with stitching and gluing.

The sandals can be easily dressed up or down for formal and casual occasions, and with their range of on-trend colours and selection of luxurious ECCO leathers developed in the brand’s own tanneries, you will want to wear them almost everywhere. From flip-flops to more formal, double-buckle slides, there is a sandal to suit every style-conscious man or woman, which can be worn with a number of different outfits.

With a strong focus on simplicity, function, and environmentally friendly practices, ECCO constantly strives to make the most comfortable and versatile footwear. Visit the store and check out the new collection on 195 Papanui Road, or shop online at




Chic & comfort combine: ECCO Shoes

In a world of fast fashion, the effortless elegance of classic French girl style becomes ever more desirable. The idea of valuing quality over quantity and curating an undeniably chic wardrobe that is relevant from year to year, is not only easier on the wallet but on the planet too.



In French girl style, ballet flats are as essential in the wardrobe as the Breton and the classic trench. Paired with jeans for weekend brunch, sharp blazer for work, or a dreamy lightweight skirt for picnicking, ballet flats are comfortable without sacrificing style. Now Denmark’s iconic designer, ECCO Shoes, has raised the bar in both comfort and chic with the Anine ballerina flat.

Named after Anine Frolich, an 18th century dancer and the first Danish ballet star, the Anine comes in a range of innovative and on-trend luxury leathers and also uses ECCO’s pioneering Fluidform™ Direct Comfort Technology. The soft PU leather is direct-injected into the one-component sole, wrapping and protecting the underfoot and delivering exceptional shock absorption and a bit of bounce.

Newly lightweight and with a 1.5mm heel, ECCO Anine comes in seven stunning colourways. Just as French girl style typically highlights one statement piece, the Anine range includes stand-out metallics, patent and the gorgeous Rose Dust Latica floral – a celebration of spring that will lift your heart and your heels. Find ECCO Anine at 195 Papanui Road, Merivale or shop online at



Ecco Shoes

Stand out in the Crowd: Ecco Shoes

Beautiful shoes and accessories for Cup Day are a must – and a unique new range in the ECCO Spring/Summer collection will ensure you stand out in the crowd.


Ecco Shoes


Ecco True Indigo Leather has opened up more colours, textures and possibilities for shoes and bags, with a new leather innovation and a dye that has coloured almost every civilisation, from the ancient to the modern. For thousands of years, man had not found a way of dyeing premium cow and camel leathers indigo blue and achieving exceptional results. But Ecco Leather, based in the Netherlands and widely regarded as the world’s leading research and development centre for the material, made the breakthrough. Reinterpreting the traditional, artisanal methods of dyeing jeans, three different finishes for Ecco True Indigo Leather have been developed – with more colours to come.


Ecco Shoes


Just as every hide is different, the same drum at the tannery can produce many different gradations of indigo blue. Highlights amongst the collection include the Ecco Shape Wedge Plateau Sandal, and the Ecco Sp 2 Medium Doctor’s Bag, with its denim look achieved with Ecco True Indigo camel leather, which shows more of the natural imperfections than cow hide. The combination of the denim-inspired camel leather and the hand-stitched top handles gives the women’s bag its distinctive appeal.

With a strong focus on simplicity, function, and environmentally friendly practices, Ecco constantly strives to make the most comfortable and versatile footwear.


Ecco Shoes


Visit the store on 195 Papanui Rd, or shop online