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A part of you

The team at Via Sollertia understands that the ring becomes a part of you, an extension of your essence and simply being stunningly beautiful just isn’t enough anymore. The jewellery you wear needs to embody your values of locally sourced and ethical production.



Via Sollertia hand makes rings on site, using only stones and metals whose provenance they have carefully researched to ensure their sustainable credentials.

Jewellery boxes are made in gorgeous recycled rimu, while even the finest gold dust filings are refined and re-used.

The desire for jewellery that represents the authentic self is leading to a trend for proposals without a ring.

At Via Sollertia you come in together, select your ethically sourced stones and metals, and create something perfect together.

The initial consultation establishes your style, which is then conceptualised, finalised and finished for you. Why would you go anywhere else?

Find Via Sollertia on Instagram and Facebook.

Phone 366 8001 or visit for more information.


Homemade & Heartfelt: Rainey Designs

Self-taught glass and jewellery artist Selma Rainey started designing and creating in 2006, then once husband Sean joined her, the Christchurch pair established their boutique jewellery business, Rainey Designs.




Several years later, the business has grown but still maintains the qualities of a boutique business by keeping everything locally designed and made. The majority of their jewellery is comprised of recycled components, including New Zealand coins, vintage timepieces, military buttons… even old bullet casings are given a new and better life!

Their designs are unique and eye-catching, and best of all, their components are ethically sourced. Additionally, the creative duo can custom-make jewellery for you, for instance from grandad’s old pocket-watch, a penny locket with your birthyear or a pair of nostalgic NZ Forces military button cufflinks. Alternatively, you can browse several styles on their website or buy from a number of retailers throughout New Zealand and Australia.

Their jewellery can be found at design stores, galleries and boutique shops. Major Christchurch stockists include HAPA in the BNZ central city complex, Industria at The Colombo; and Selma’s glass work, exclusively at the Christchurch Botanic Gardens Visitor Centre Shop.

Finally, Rainey Designs loves to keep it local; their jewellery can be found at boutique markets featuring only New Zealand-made, handcrafted goods.

This includes the Arts Centre Mākete which is held every fortnight, including this coming Sunday (27 October), and select upcoming Christmas markets.

Visit the Facebook page for more details.




The perfect fit: Via Sollertia Jewellers

Purchasing an engagement ring is an exciting milestone and there’s plenty to consider when making this significant decision.



Thankfully, the highly-skilled team at Via Sollertia Jewellers can help streamline the process, with handy tips, friendly service and expertise.

Before purchasing or having something special custom-made, it’s important to consider your stone choice. Diamonds and sapphires are known to be harder-wearing, but if you have another stone in mind, the setting design can be adjusted to suit for daily practicality.

Of course, the engagement is just the beginning, so it also pays to think ahead and factor in wedding and eternity rings that will fit together in the future.

The important thing is not to feel overwhelmed by the process, that’s where the Via Sollertia staff can help. It’s easy to overcomplicate the design and it becomes a chore, rather than the enjoyable experience it should be.

To discuss the best options for you, visit the 11 New Regent Street shop, or phone 03 366 8001.