A part of you

The team at Via Sollertia understands that the ring becomes a part of you, an extension of your essence and simply being stunningly beautiful just isn’t enough anymore. The jewellery you wear needs to embody your values of locally sourced and ethical production.     Via Sollertia hand makes rings on site, using only stones […]

Homemade & Heartfelt: Rainey Designs

Self-taught glass and jewellery artist Selma Rainey started designing and creating in 2006, then once husband Sean joined her, the Christchurch pair established their boutique jewellery business, Rainey Designs.       Several years later, the business has grown but still maintains the qualities of a boutique business by keeping everything locally designed and made. […]

The perfect fit: Via Sollertia Jewellers

Purchasing an engagement ring is an exciting milestone and there’s plenty to consider when making this significant decision.     Thankfully, the highly-skilled team at Via Sollertia Jewellers can help streamline the process, with handy tips, friendly service and expertise. Before purchasing or having something special custom-made, it’s important to consider your stone choice. Diamonds […]