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Make way for the groom boom: Face Value

While aesthetic medicine has traditionally been seen as female focused, there continues to be a considerable shift towards the male market. Those in the industry describe it as the ‘groom boom’ and adopt terms such as ‘brotox’ when describing male anti-wrinkle injections. Face Value’s Dr Phil Frost is seeing an increasing number of male clients seeking subtle and natural non-surgical cosmetic treatments that enhance the masculine aesthetic. No longer taboo, cosmetic procedures are seen as part of regular grooming and maintenance, and are just as acceptable as visiting a barber or hair salon.




But Dr Frost stresses it is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach. “It’s important to understand the difference in aesthetics between beautifying and glamorising a female face, and enhancing the attractiveness and masculinisation of the male. The male face requires different ratios and sharpening of angles, avoiding feminising and softening of features.”

A strong and well-proportioned chin, jawline, brow and cheekbones are widely perceived to be attractive features of a male face, and dermal fillers are often the first line treatment to correct these areas. For example, if you have a ‘weak’ chin or undefined jawline, fillers are used to add volume or chin projection, creating a more chiselled, angular and stronger profile. So too are Belkyra® injections, targeting that unwanted fat under the chin and jowls which cannot be worked out at the gym. The results are long lasting and can give the jawline strength and definition.

Treatment with botulinum toxin remains the single most common cosmetic procedure sought by male clients to minimise frown, forehead and lines around the eyes, and again doses and placement should be tailored to suit the male face. And especially important for the Kiwi male, sun protection and tailored skincare is a must.

“Men are also taking better care of their skin,” Dr Frost says. “Seeking professional-grade sun protection, and solutions for excess sweating, enlarged pores, wrinkles, brown spots, moles, and facial blood vessels.”

For years, women have availed themselves of cosmetic treatments to look and feel their best. Men are now catching on – in a big way!




Non-surgical facelift: Face Value

The choice of treatments offered for skin aging can be baffling. Dr Philip Frost at Face Value is finding his clients are seeing great results from two specialist treatments in particular.



The new kid on the block is the MINT Thread Lift®. Unlike the invasive permanent threads of the past, the MINT Lift® is a minimally invasive procedure that uses absorbable threads to redefine and restore lost elasticity and volume in the face.
It does two things; firstly, the threads cause tension in the skin giving an immediate lifting effect. Secondly, they stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid which creates firmer skin. While results can be seen immediately, improvements continue with full results seen after 6-12 weeks and lasting around 12 months.

The treatment is great for men and women who are showing signs of aging but do not want to undergo a surgical face lift. Put simply, it’s a non-surgical facelift that can create beautiful, natural looking results. If it is natural you are seeking, then nothing could be more so than using your own platelets to accelerate tissue regeneration and repair. This is where PRP comes in. Standing for Platelet Rich Plasma, PRP involves taking a sample of your blood, concentrating the platelets from that sample and reinjecting those concentrated platelets back into the body. The platelets contain numerous growth factors which will stimulate collagen synthesis and skin rejuvenation.

It is great for tired and dry skin, skin laxity, wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes, and overall texture and tone improvement. The usually difficult to treat areas such as neck and décolletage do particularly well with this treatment. Face Value uses the RegenLab PRP system which offers the Cellular Matrix option of combining hyaluronic acid with the platelets to give added immediate hydration. Both the MINT Lift® and PRP are fabulous options for rejuvenating the face and neck, and can be used in conjunction with dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle treatments and skin needling to keep you looking your best, at any age.

Phone 03 363 8810 to book an initial consultation with Dr Frost at no charge.


How to get the perfect pout: Skin Rejuvenation Clinic

Lip fillers are probably the most popular cosmetic treatment right now and even if you haven’t got them, chances are you have thought about trying them.


The problem is – it’s scary! We have all seen those over-inflated duck lips on the internet and TV. It’s really important that you are happy with the final result. So, to make sure your lips look as natural as possible, flatter your face and balance with your unique facial features, we asked Dr Brigid Lee from the Skin Rejuvenation Clinic and an International Trainer for Galderma, for her top tips for using lip fillers to achieve the most natural and youthful lips.

  1. Start with a small amount of filler! Kylie Kardashian’s over-inflated pout would take about 3mls (at least!) so 1ml will give a subtle, natural result.

  2. Teeth support the lips, so uneven teeth can mean uneven lips. You might need to see your dentist first.

  3. A good injector will look at the face as a whole to see how fuller lips will affect its overall proportions. Sometimes volume loss in other areas can affect the way the lips look. Amazing lips can look overdone if the tissue surrounding them is saggy. Your chin may be injected, as the chin can affect the balance of the lower to upper lip.

  4. The most common side effects are bruising, tenderness and swelling. There are important blood vessels in this area so it’s very important the person injecting understands anatomy well and knows how to avoid hitting or getting product into those vessels to avoid permanent scarring and disfigurement.