Classic Cookers

Oven Envy: Classic Cookers

When it comes to creating culinary excellence, Classic Cookers is turning the heat up, with a range of hand-built electric ovens that combine traditional looks with modern technology.   Manufactured in Gloucestershire, England, Everhot heat storage range cookers are cast iron cookers which steadily transfer the heat from their core into their ovens and hotplates, […]

Everhot at Classic Cookers

Culinary energy efficiency: you need to check out Everhot’s beautiful cookers at Classic Cookers

Crafted in a fashion from days of old, where quality and longevity go hand in hand, Everhot embraces the future, with cookers that are energy efficient and suitable for solar power generation. Manufactured in Gloucestershire, England, Everhot is a heat storage range cooker. It steadily transfers the heat from its core into its ovens and […]