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Expanding gym services: Bodycore

As more and more people join the Bodycore family, the unique gym is expanding to cater to its ever-growing membership, as well as provide exciting new services.



Along with the new ‘recovery room’ facility next door, a building across the road will open in October, providing an extra 400sqm of space for a variation of different classes – including cardio, circuit, yoga and Pilates – as well as an indoor running track.

A cryotherapy business is located next door in the recovery room, along with a cupping and massage therapist. Cupping is a great way to draw toxins from the body so muscles can move more freely, which also reduces the chance of injury, says founder Muzz Coates. “It helps keep people moving so they can perform and is especially beneficial for people who train really intensely.”


The new services complement the centre’s popular peri-nutrition café and supplement shop, next to the 24/7 gym. Muzz, who originally created Bodycore eight years ago, joined forces with co-owner Craig McGuigan to open the new facility on Battersea Street in Sydenham last year. From beginners to elite athletes, the centre provides an inspirational and supportive environment, to put the fun back into achieving fitness goals.

The focus was on creating a friendly community hub, says Muzz, who has more future expansion ideas in mind. “We wanted to create a ‘one-stop shop’ for health and fitness, with everything you need – it’s exciting times!”


Follow Bodycore on Facebook, order supplements online or phone 021 898 920 for more info.



Bodycore Gym

Old School Values: Bodycore Gym

Bodycore Gym is so much more than a fitness centre – it’s a community hub, where kindness and compassion are valued, and ordinary people aspire to reach their potential.


Bodycore Gym


Combining a café and a supplement shop, the newly opened 24/7 gym on Battersea St in Sydenham provides an inspirational and uplifting setting to put the fun back into getting fit and achieving your goals. “We’re bringing ‘old school’ back, by creating an environment completely different to the common chain gyms, which are quite intimidating for some people. You don’t just do a class then leave without talking to anyone,” founder Muzz Coates says.


Bodycore Gym

“My personal trainers are handpicked for their personality and knowledge, and the atmosphere here is fun, friendly and vibrant. We focus on making all our members feel like part of the team and not just a number.” The café is a peri-nutrition bar, offering a delicious sugar-free selection of protein-rich options.

“The carrot cake is to die for,” Muzz says, who originally created Bodycore eight years ago as a supplement store on Carlyle Street, with his own range of natural, locally manufactured products and a small fitness studio upstairs.
Due to his ever-growing clientele, he joined forces with co-owner Craig McGuigan to open the new facility. Craig says the focus was on creating a unique, family-friendly centre.


Bodycore Gym

“It’s a space where anyone, from elite athletes or bodybuilders to beginners, co-exist in a supportive environment, mingle and learn from each other.”


Follow Bodycore on Facebook, order supplements online or phone 374 6947 for more info.