In the bag

In the bag

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend and that may well be the case, but bags are like family, by your side day in, day out.     Structured boxy styles in all sizes will be swinging down the streets – with black only one of a multitude of colourways for a vibrant 2019. […]


Sweet like chocolate: don’t neglect the colour brown in your wardrobe

It’s the underdog. Never a narcissist about what it has to offer. It gets on well with its counterparts. And it’s the colour of chocolate, a great form of escapism. Quite frankly, there’s little to frown about when it comes to brown. It may have born the brunt of some misguided criticism at times; heckled […]

Barnett's West End Pharmacy

Not just a pharmacy: Barnett’s West End Pharmacy is a destination for more than just filling your prescription

Barnett’s West End Pharmacy is more than just a chemist. Professional pharmacy staff can help meet your needs, whether that is filling scripts, giving advice or helping with gift ideas. “We’re an established pharmacy with so much more, including giftware, cosmetics, skincare products and everything you’d hope from a contemporary chemist,” Retail Manager Jane says. […]


Silver linings: why and how to add this shiny shade to your wardrobe

Silver linings have been known to take many forms and the latest is a rather fashionable one. Somewhere between the fluorescent headbands, shoulder-pads and roll-neck skivvies of the 80s, metallics got a bad rap. But now they’re emerging with a glamourous new look and, although head to toe may take the luster off this hot […]