Swim in blues: Resene

When it comes to bedroom colours, dusted blues are an ideal choice.

Blue is a natural colour we see in the water and sky, and it’s considered the world’s most popular hue. Blues convey a sense of trust, loyalty, cleanliness, and understanding. In a bedroom, where you want to rest, relax, and recover from the stresses of everyday life, blues are an ideal choice to help you wind down.

In this soft and sumptuous bedroom, walls in Resene Half Dusted Blue and a floor in Resene Surrender create a solid base for a host of tonal Resene blues to be used as accents. The look is a casual yet sophisticated one, full of rich layers that appear at once to be ‘upmarket’ and complex while coming across as simultaneously effortless. The bedside table in Resene Avalanche, DIY artwork in Resene Dusted Blue, plant pot in Resene Half Dusted Blue and tealight holder in Resene Periglacial Blue are similar in spirit to the wall colours yet are different enough in tone to break things up and provide some variety.

If an all-tonal space feels too ‘samey’ or ‘matchy’ to you, try bringing in one or two restrained accent colours such as soft suede brown and warm grey like Resene Kina Brown and Resene Heathered Grey, and use these hues across a few décor accents or furniture and bedlinens. Or try more noticeable accent hues such as lavenders or brick reds like Resene Blue Chalk and Resene Chalk Lavender or Resene Wild West and Resene Crail.

Because of our harsh natural lighting, dusted blues that have a cooler, greyed undertone is often a more appealing choice. It’s often a good idea to choose slightly darker or more pigmented Resene paint colours for your walls, ceiling, trims, and floor than you may think you need – especially if your bedroom gets exposed to a great deal of natural light. Mixing up the sheen levels of your different painted surfaces can also create additional variety, such as Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen for your walls, Resene Enamacryl gloss for furniture, and Resene Lustacryl semi-gloss for trims and accents.

Dusted blues create a calming and restful atmosphere in a bedroom. By incorporating various shades and accents, you can create a sophisticated and cosy space that is perfect for unwinding and relaxing.


Wall in Resene Half Dusted Blue
Floor in Resene Surrender
Arch bedside table in Resene Avalanche
Pendant lamp in Resene Indian Ink
Plant pot with circle handles in Resene Half Dusted Blue
Tea light holder (on bedside) in Resene Periglacial Blue
DIY artwork in Resene Dusted blue


Round rug from Kmart
Small blue cushion, light blue cushion, and waffle throw from H&M Home
Light blue throw from The Warehouse
Euro pillowcases and duvet cover from Foxtrot Home

Project: Vanessa Nouwens
Image: Wendy Fenwick


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