Brilliant botanicals

Decorating with botanicals can be a lot more subtle than turning your home into a plant-filled glasshouse.

Not everyone has a ‘green thumb’, however if you love the look of plants and flowers there are numerous ways to introduce them to your interior design, without the risking of killing off prized greenery.

Here are some ideas:

Inject botanical-inspired design with some contemporary botanical or tropical print wallpaper. These work well on feature walls in living rooms, casual dining spaces or bedrooms. Contemporary botanical-inspired wallpaper prints vary from bold, large-leaf tropical prints and jungle scenes, to more vintage illustrative-style botanical prints. Choose your feature wallpaper with your other furnishings and interior style in mind to avoid overkill, design-clash and too much visual clutter.

Home accessories
Integrate carefully-selected botanical-themed soft furnishings to accent your botanical design, Consider botanical print cushions and wall-art as well as furnishings, drawing on natural materials like jute, rattan, wicker, linen and natural cotton.
Black and white geometric print throws, rugs, or other accents, work well with botanical palettes. For a contemporary botanical ‘Jungalow’ look that’s still sophisticated and refined, work with mid-century lines and furnishings, combine vintage metals, and rich fabrics, such as velvet and leather, with lighter furnishings and fabrics in rugs and throws.

Interior ideas
• Mid-century style wicker chairs
• Botanical print duvet
• Tropical print cushion in a contemporary blush and muted green palette
• Green velvet mid-century armchair
• Glass and timber coffee table
• Mid-century style vases with geometric patterning in muted earthy tones
• Vintage-style botanical wall prints
• Contemporary jute ottoman with timber legs – organic and understated



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