Sustainable fashion

An international study across 15 European Union countries found more than 57 percent of fashion waste ended up as landfill, much of it trendy “fast fashion”, and in good condition.

From shopping less to buying preloved labels, and reinventing clothes, fashionistas can embrace sustainable fashion, especially now that more and more brands are embracing sustainable practices to meet consumer demands for environmentally conscious clothing.



Here’s how you can help:
1. Shop sustainable brands
One of the best ways to ensure your clothing choices are not harming the environment or people is by paying attention to where you shop. This will ensure that your carbon footprint is low, and help promote fair working practices for people around the world.

2. Buy less often and buy high quality
Be selective about what you wear, opting for natural materials such as cotton, linen and silk.

3. Donate or sell quality used clothing
When you’ve outgrown your favourite jeans or fallen out of love with a garment, give your clothes a chance at a second life. Drop them into an opportunity shop or resale boutique.

4. Host a clothing swap
Try sharing your unwanted fashion garments with friends. Clothing swaps can be a great way to get access to new clothes without putting in the money or effort it takes to buy new items.

5. Recycle and repurpose textiles and garments
Old socks and clothing can be recycled as housing insulation, old tee shirts as cleaning cloths, and crafty sorts often recycle fabrics into stuffed animals, dolls, quilts and cushion covers.

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