Sustainable decking option: One Stop Deck Shop

Once upon a time, we believed that only Kwila could provide the happy ever after in decking.

That was before we had ModWood. This amazing product is made from recycled wood fibre and recycled milk bottles, so it is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

One Stop Deck Shop here in Christchurch is the exclusive stockist for the whole of New Zealand. “We love ModWood,” says Director Joe Lagan, “it’s low maintenance with no oiling or staining. There is no splintering or twisting and it is so quick and easy to install.”

The product is consistently making up a bigger percentage of the decking market, and year on year has the highest growth by volume. “Architects are specifying ModWood, it is sought after for apartments and high-end homes, and there is a great demand from the retirement villages because another amazing feature is its slip resistance,” says Joe.

The product is a little more expensive than traditional decking timber. However, the lack of need for maintenance quickly makes it more a cost-effective choice. “I have to say it is hard to beat this product,” says Joe, “I come from a sawmilling timber loving family, but I’m redoing my own deck with ModWood!”

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