Super salads go with anything

Salads are not just for summer eating; indeed, they go with almost anything, and ingredients are as varied as those who create the dish.



From sausages to steak, crayfish to chicken, a salad may just be the perfect accompaniment.

Vegetable varieties and availability vary from season to season, and this also makes salads exciting.

A summer salad with basil, tomatoes, crunchy lettuce and a tasty Italian dressing may be ideal for a barbeque, whereas a roasted winter vegetable salad with garlic and herbs works better with a roast.

One of my favourites is a pseudo-Caesar salad. Use cos lettuce if you can find it, but otherwise any variety will do.

Pan-fried chicken leftovers, crispy bacon, croutons, and parmesan work, as do herbed fish goujons, or just a few pieces of a spicy sausage for a quick and tasty meal.

Potato salad is another one that crosses all seasons and works well with many meats. For a German-style, use chopped gherkins and eggs, bacon, or ham, and even a few chopped spring onions in with your potatoes.

This is one salad that can be served hot or cold.


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