Summer Wellbeing: Flow Wellbeing

Christmas time is fast approaching, so it’s time to think about how we manage the silly season.

As we move through the stress, chaos and much needed celebration, making time to support your nervous system is key.

Flow Wellbeing was first known for hot yoga. What some may not know, is since moving to their purpose built centre, they added The Earth Studio.

The answer to your Christmas care, the nurturing Earth Studio encourages comforting reset. For those who love the benefits of practising in a neutral environment, 24-26 deg C is neither cool nor hot. The dark studio holds a range of practices, including yin, restorative, flow and power classes. As well as adding calm, it’s also the answer to cooling down over those hot summer days ahead.

After the cool down, let light take care of your body. Flow Wellbeing is one of the only centres in the country to house the impressive LightStim bed.

Light therapy is used to rebuild collagen levels, improving healing, range of motion and restoring the skin. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and a major component of bone, skin, muscle, ligaments, and tendons.

18,000 LEDs comprised of various wavelengths deliver a unique anti-inflammatory therapy, helping to tighten skin, provide muscle and joint pain relief, and improve blood circulation, helping provide mental, physical, and emotional benefits.


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