Style Notes: HOLIDAY S.O.S

Headed off on a much-needed winter break? Try these tips to help steer you towards a stress-free packing experience.

With Bridget Hope, Wardrobe Director for Magpie Style


      • Take one light suitcase

        Samsonite make the best ones. Weighing in around 2kg, you can get more in it without over-stepping the 23kg luggage limit of local airlines.

      • Ditch the white

        HOLIDAY S.O.S
        LUXURY CASHMERE CO Merino/cashmere scarf, $165

        White clothing is painfully limiting for travel. It can only be worn once and when you send it off for cleaning, the hotel or resort – yes, even 5 stars – will almost always return it looking grey.

      • Only pack enough outfits to force you to wear everything once

        Less is more when travelling. Less thinking, less decisions and less stuff. Work out how many outfits you have versus days. If you have fourteen looks for a seven-day holiday, halve this, then add three back in as evening options. This leaves ample options and ensures you wear everything.

      • Remove clothes that need an iron

        The sound of the ironing board opening is uncomfortable enough at home. On holiday, it feels like nails on a blackboard.

      • Pack 2-3 pairs of shoes max

        Shoes are weighty and cumbersome in the suitcase. Heels look silly in the islands. In the city, they become impractical when you are exploring your location. Reduce footwear options to a pair of dressy trainers, ballet flats or sandal and – if you must – a kitten heel for dinner.

      • Bring two carry bags – total

        This means one large (but light) tote you can that pack down flat into a suitcase for extra shopping. Ensure it has a zip across the top to keep everything inside. The second bag should be a small, flat canvas over the shoulder bag with multiple pockets to keep you hands-free on the move.

        Magpie Style
        PAULA RYAN Tote Bag, $140


      • Wear a neutral coloured scarf on the plane – wool or cashmere (not acrylic!)

        Grey or sand tones will style with everything and not look too wintry on arrival. A warm, but light, scarf is also a blessing if the temperature drops.

      • Have a dedicated wallet on hand to house valuables

        HOLIDAY S.O.S
        PAULA RYAN Large Travel Wallet, $95

        Losing valuables on holiday is no joke. Keep them safe in a dedicated travel wallet and lock it in the safe before heading out. This will save you from leaving things lying around your hotel to be forgotten or stolen. Taking jewellery? Opt for light pieces only.

      • Heading for the tropics?

        Take a small selection of easy-care kaftans you can wear day or night, but not so fussy they can’t stand exposure to sunscreen. Preferably in crease-free fabrics for easy washing and wear. “I’ll meet you by the pool, just as soon as I iron this kaftan” said no-one ever!

    • Leave wiggle room

      Leave wiggle room in your case for shoppingEven if you are travelling to a desert island, chances are you will find yourself raiding the spa of Pure Fiji products. So leave a little room to prevent that inevitable suitcase struggle on your final day.

      Magpie Style
      PAULA RYAN Pocket Shoulder Bag, $110

First published for Magpie Style