Squiggle minimalist lounge: RESENE

The Memphis Movement is back and better than ever.

Known for its use of bright primary colours, geometric shapes and dynamic patterns, the Memphis style was developed by the founder of the Memphis Group, designer Ettore Sottsass in 1981, Milan. The group of designers and architects blended Pop Art with Art Deco to create a distinct Postmodern style that still has bearing in the design world today.

This minimalist lounge is Memphis at its most sophisticated. With walls in varying strengths of Resene Concrete, a frosted silver grey, the space is both elegant and interesting. A minimalist approach utilises bold achromatic interpretations of original Memphis designs. This allows freedom of experimentation in the space, alluding to original designs whilst powerfully contemporising them.

By paring down the design to incorporate a monochrome look, it stops the space from becoming overwhelming and allows the eye to move freely between the striking architectural pieces.

A highlight of this stylish room is the wall design, in which free flowing lines in Resene Concrete wind there way toward the ceiling from the lower half of the wall. A classic Memphis trend, this design presents the signature curves of the Art Deco era in a decidedly postmodern way.

Subtlety is achieved thanks to the very minor differences in tone between the Resene Concrete lines and the Resene Half Concrete wall, adding a sense of movement without detracting from the space.

If you’re a lover of colour but not ready to go full-blown Memphis just yet, Resene has a wide range of muted pastels perfect for incorporating into designs such as these. Start with a monochrome palette as your base, think crisp Resene Half Merino and deep Resene Double Foundry, then add in splashes of colour through décor and DIY artwork.

Upper wall in Resene Half Concrete, Lower wall and squiggle lines in Resene Concrete, Floor in Resene Quarter Concrete, Hall table in Resene Concrete, DIY coffee table in Resene Triple Concrete, Circle vase and tiny vase in Resene Soothe, Circle candle holder in Resene Half Sauvignon, DIY artwork in Resene Concrete, Resene Triple Concrete and Resene Element, Turned wooden candle holders in Resene Element.

Rollie Pollie Chairs from David Shore, Circle vase from Kmart, Black and white art print and black wire candelabra are stylist’s own.

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