Sport chic

When the ‘Hot Girl Walk’ trend hit the ground, getting active transitioned to a new market of holistic health.

Practising gratitude and positive thinking, and wearing chic athleisure were the things people started to incorporate into everyday fitness regimes.

It became the new way of interpreting physical activity, the focus moved to looking good and feeling good instead of self-deprecating workout goals. It’s a fitness trend I’m happy to get behind.

It doesn’t matter if you like long-distance runs, intense workouts, weekly pilates classes, or are more suited to an athleisure aesthetic, dressing well to get active is about confidence. Activewear designed with the body in mind, that is well-fitted and flattering, makes all the difference in empowerment for a workout. Brands worldwide have heard their consumers, shifting product lines to reflect comfortable, breathable flexible, squat-poof designs.

Cohesion through colour is key, so you enter the gym, the group class, or walk outside feeling fearless. Layers are important. There is nothing worse than dressing warm to exercise outdoors and then quickly overheating, with nothing light underneath to strip down to.

If you’re on your feet a lot, invest in good quality shoes, specific to your training type. I swear by my Nike Metcons for weight training, yet I would not get away with them for a run, walk, or ball sport. To avoid issues or injuries popping up, consider talking to a podiatrist who can suggest the right type of sports shoe for your needs.

Accessorising isn’t restricted to everyday wear. An activewear accessory can be anything from a water bottle to maintain hydration, to a running belt that keeps your phone and keys out of the way. A well-styled and cohesive activewear look works a treat for a day of errands or a coffee date with friends. In these cases, there’s less concern about what you wear because injury or sweat issues are less likely.

Stack a good workout with another healthy habit, such as listening to an educational podcast or practising positive self-talk.

Run belt Find Me: 2XU.
Palermo beige casual shoe Find Me: Puma.
Wunder Puff jacket Find Me: Lululemon.
Split Hem Relaxed tee Find Me: Lorna Jane.
32oz Wide Mouth w-Flex Straw Cap Find Me: Hydroflask.
32oz Wide Mouth w-Flex Straw Cap Find Me: Hydroflask.
Candy Pink Edge sweatshirt Find Me: Aim’n.
Amy Maximum Support sports bra Find Me: Lorna Jane.
Beyondfeel running shoe Find Me: Lululemon.
Metcon 9 Find Me: Nike.

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