Spice up your look

Spring is the prime time to spice up your eye make-up and match it to your outfit.

Atip from professionals when playing with colourful make-up is to keep the rest of your face simple and natural to not distract from bold eyeshadows. Also don’t be afraid to play with shimmer. Humans are simple creatures, anything shiny will draw attention to you and your outfit of the day.
Taking inspiration from recent spring collections seen on New York, Milan and London runways, Metropol selects make-up matches for this season.

Big into neutrals? Often find your eyes scanning shops or your wardrobe for beiges and oatmeal? Pair with simple matte lilac eyeshadow.

If dark denim washes are fundamental to your personal style, pick up an acid green eyeshadow to elevate the outfit.

If you like wearing clean white outfits, cobalt blue is your eyeshadow match.

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