Polished Diamonds

Sparkle Forever: Polished Diamonds

The choice and perfection afforded visitors to Polished Diamonds of New Regent Street is of a sparkly magnitude.


Polished Diamonds


Dan Joines, owner of the business nationally, wants people to know that if they can dream it, he can create it precisely, valuably, and for total symmetry, beauty and international certification. The award-winning ring-designer and merchant has enjoyed so much success that boutiques have extended to Auckland and soon Wellington.

Clients can bring in their own precious stones, or choose from 20,000 diamonds and 2,500 ring designs. Architectural CAD technology and equipment such as an MRI scanner ensure that any stone, any metal and any ring profile can be produced to utter perfection and brilliance, not to mention matched more exactly to existing jewellery. “In less than a week we can reproduce a client’s ultimate vision,” Dan says.


Vist: www.polisheddiamonds.co.nz


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