Something fun, something new: Riverside Kitchen

A wedding is often not simply about the marriage ceremony itself. Many events before and after the big day contribute to creating the memories couples talk about for years to come.

Everything needs to be just right. The hen party is one such event. Bridesmaids can experience stress when planning and thinking of something different to entertain the bride and her friends. Upstairs at Riverside Market, Riverside Kitchen is that something. Unusual, entertaining, informative, and memorable, it’s a Masterchef challenge and the best way to mix and mingle with family and friends before the wedding.

For this challenge, guests are placed into teams for a fast-paced canapé cook-off. Each team is given a recipe and ingredients, and the instructions to start cooking. When the dishes have been judged ‘Masterchef’ style, everyone will come together to taste the offerings.

If the canapé option is not quite what you are looking for, consider competing on a platter challenge, to put together a themed platter with ingredients provided by the kitchen’s chef, supplemented by additional ingredients sourced from the market itself.

Riverside Kitchen truly enjoys hosting these private functions. Coming up soon is their Mother’s Day High Tea where you can enjoy a glass of bubbles while the chef demonstrates a selection of cleverly crafted savoury and sweet treats, followed by a high tea at the dining table.

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