Sink in, and swing

Often, what keeps us from spending long amounts of time outside is comfort.

Most of us would prefer to be curled up on a couch instead of a hard deck chair. With a hanging egg chair, you can relax in comfort outside, while enjoying fresh air and a garden view.

The allure of a hanging egg chair lies in its ergonomic design, a testament to the finesse of Scandinavian craftsmanship. The shape, coupled with wrap-around cushioning, transforms the chair into a sweet spot of relaxation.

Notably, the appeal extends further with the availability of double hanging egg chairs, offering a space for basking in the sunlight in spacious solitude or with a partner, canine companion, or a feline friend right next to you.

Numerous prominent outdoor furniture retailers proudly showcase an array of egg chairs, in Canterbury. When making your selection, consideration of the materials used becomes paramount to ensure resilience against the caprices of weather. Synthetic rattan emerges as a top choice, blending durability with a chic aesthetic. Take time to consider the colour palette to harmonise your egg chair with existing outdoor furniture.

Placement should not be overlooked. If your deck boasts ample space and a robust beam, an option is to suspend the chair, introducing a minimalist allure to the piece. For those seeking mobility, a stand-alone chair with a dedicated stand is a convenient choice.

To safeguard your newfound haven, contemplate investing in an egg chair bag, ensuring the longevity of what will arguably become a cherished outdoor retreat.

Did you know?

Egg chairs were first developed in 1958 by the famed designer Arne Jacobsen for Hotel Radisson SAS, in Copenhagen.

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