Silence the snore: Oraltech

Snoring has long been a leading cause of sleep deprivation, making every day that little bit harder.

Ever-increasing studies show the long-term impacts of snoring on well-being and its effect on relationships, which can lead to distance from your partner, and not just from sleeping in separate bedrooms.

Thankfully, Denise Lim, owner and operator of Oraltech, has the device to rekindle the romance. The Snorex is a small mouthpiece that works by holding the lower jaw forward and closed, maintaining an open airway for easy breathing, silencing the snore. Comfortable and customised, the Snorex is crafted by Denise using teeth impressions for the perfect fit. Denise’s confidence in her product comes from countless testimonials from previously tired, sleepless clients.

“They wear their Snorex and it’s like a light has switched: they’re getting a good night’s sleep.” Compared with over-the-counter snoring solutions, Denise’s Snorex has 98 percent effectiveness, and a money-back guarantee, a product promised to fit your mouth and sleeping style.

Handling communication to construction, Denise’s process provides complete confidence that your needs have been met.

Invest in your health and get a good night’s sleep again, contact Denise at 027 682 1752 or email

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