Show your love

Tuesday 14 February marks St Valentine’s Day, which for many is a chance to show their significant other, or their secret muse, just how much they care.

From classic offerings such as red roses and chocolates, to an intimate dinner for two, there is no end to how you can celebrate. Here are some swoon-worthy Valentine’s Day date ideas from Metropol:

Stargaze with your sweetheart
Pack a cosy blanket and head to a secluded spot for a romantic night of stargazing. Take along a selection of snacks and use a stargazing app to identify constellations.

Create something together
You can buy a DIY air dry clay kit, bake something special, or try your hand at mixology to re-create your favourite cocktail. You can also book in for ‘paint with a glass of wine art classes’ on 14 February.

Play a game
Enjoy quality time together and a bit of friendly competition with a classic two-player game, such as chess, Jenga, or Scrabble, or splurge on a couple-themed game, which often improves communication and prompts couples to reflect on their relationship.

Exchange letters
Show your love and appreciation by writing a heartfelt letter to your partner, whether it’s an e-letter filled with gifs and videos, or a decorated scrapbook spread filled with mementos from your time together.

Revisit a special place
Take a trip down memory lane by visiting a location that holds special significance in your relationship, such as your first date or engagement spot.

Enjoy Christchurch city together
Wander through the Botanical Garden and into the city centre to see what sparks your interest, whether it’s grabbing a delicious cocktail (or two) and tasty tapas, or setting up a picnic, the city central has so much choice.

The anti-Valentine’s Day
Not everyone will be in a relationship on Valentine’s Day. Celebrate self-care or gather with friends for an “anti-Valentine’s Day” party to celebrate friendships and heal from past heartbreaks. Don’t forget to write Valentine’s Day cards and bake some delicious heart-shaped sugar cookies with pink icing.


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